[Grulic-dev] Sobre CMS

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Autor: Damian Nadales
A: Lista de desarrollo de software libre
Asunto: [Grulic-dev] Sobre CMS
Aun sigo como ponce de Leon, pero uno encuentra articulos piolas como estos
(On personal content management)


Citas del articulo:

    * "You can’t expect a single object with three fields 
(like “title,” “body,” and “date”) to handle everything you want to do."
    * "CMS tools [...] give you a few fields and let you figure out how to 
best fit your content into them."
    * "The first, and most obvious solution, is to roll your own CMS. It’s 
unlikely any off-the-shelf CMS is going to do exactly what you want it to, so 
why not write your own? "

    " If you’re going to look for pre-built CMS, try to find one with a focus 
similar to yours"